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February 10, 2009

In May 2007, I had the unique opportunity to take a much needed sabbatical (I lost my job.)  For ten days I allowed myself to wade through the misery of not knowing what my future would hold.  Self-doubt, a bruised ego and a healthy dose of bitterness made for long days and short nights.  I happened to pick up an old friend who helped me gather my thoughts and find my focus again.  It was a copy of a book on prayer entitled “The Prayer of Jabez.”  Struggling for direction I knew that I had to make peace with myself and be open for God’s wisdom.  I found a park nearby where I went each morning to pray, read God’s Word and listen.  It started with a journey of angst and ended with a journal of commissioning.

It took ten days just to get settled into my routine of prayer, praise and promise.  During that time, God opened my woundedness to reveal a source of confusion that had kept me off balance for most of my life.  I had made many life decisions on my own which influenced positively and negatively the lives of others.  I thought I knew what I was doing.  I stand on my own and listened to my voice of reason.  I kept myself grounded in seeking God’s will.  I knew I had been called to a ministry.  But, my personal life was a mess and constant turmoil.  I finally came to realize I could not do this on my own.  I also realized that there were many men in a similar place in life who were looking for answers to difficult questions.  The most difficult question was, and is, “What does a man of God truly do?”

I was convicted that there needed to be a stronger male voice in the  ears of the world that could create a positive and constructive dialogue.  Many of the problems in society stem from that lack of dialogue.  I suppose God could have taken any form to reveal His purpose and desire and it would have been powerful.  But, I embraced the idea that God took on the form of a man, not just a human, in order to speak to men.  The honus is with  men as husbands, fathers, community leaders, spiritual directors and sons of God.  As men go, so goes the world.  If men go toward God, then the world will go with them.  If men go toward the world, then the world goes away from God.  It was then and there by the lakeside of the Quarries, I heard God call me to take up the cause of praying for men and modelling a path of spiritual renewal.

For thirty days, I wrote a daily reflection on the prayer of Jabez.  I allowed the Holy Spirit to open my mind and my heart to the desire of becoming one of God’s mighty men.  I am no David nor Solomon.  I am no
Abraham nor Moses.  Sometimes, I feel more like John the Baptizer crying out in the wilderness with a message of hope for men to open the door of their lives to the Christ.  Out of that experience of renewal, I took on an e-mail ministry of prayer and reflection.  I allowed God to speak through me and my experiences to bring some word of support, insight and encouragement to men in their journey to becoming mighty men themselves.

In that time of sharing, I have been amazed and humbled by the infinite fractals of vision which God brings to His Word.  I hear better and better that voice in my ear that guides me to being a better man of God.  I certainly struggle being the best husband, father and leader but I do not lose faith, hope and love.  These three elements allow me to continue to be an oracle of possibility for other men through mentoring and serving.  As God has faith in me with great hope for my usefulness motivated by a love of who I am becoming, I am more motivated to honor Him in worship and praise daily.  I am IHS; In His Service.

It is time to engage the dialogue which God has created.  I look forward to the sharing of God’s Spirit as it ministers to and through us toward each other so that all men might have the same opportunity to grow into the Mighty Men of God In His Service. I invite you to read, pray, study and grow with me.  We are in this world and this calling together.  May God be truly praised and His children truly blessed by what we shall do from here.

Yours in Christ with faith, hope and love…


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  1. Chuck, I can relate to much of you post especially “What does a man of God truly do?” Thanks for your service and may God continue to guide you.

    Comment by gary — December 10, 2009 @ 9:50 am

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