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July 20, 2017

Let us be the BEST we have ever been as 2017 mighty men!


1 John 1.7

“But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.”


Just as God is love so God, too, is in the light. Not only is God in the light and He is the light and the light is in Him. So, John makes his declaration to the fellowship of believers that they must also endeavor to be and remain in the light. Why? Because it is the light of God which radiates healing to our body, mind and spirit. Yes, by the grace of God which raised Jesus from the dead and covers us with righteousness we are radiated to be purified of the disease which sin infects our lives. That disease manifests itself in discord, destruction, demonization and demoralization. Ultimately, it manifests itself in death- the death that separates us totally from the saving grace of God.

As mighty men of God, we would want the light of God which is experienced best by being in right relationship with Jesus as our Christ. If we are in the light of God’s mercy and grace then we become vehicles of healing as well reaching out to touch the world around us. How can we know the light is in us? I believe it comes when the Word of God is known by us in a recognized revelation. By recognized revelation I mean when we actually find the truth of the Word coming alive- our mind receives clarity, our body receives power, our heart receives depth and our spirit receives a greater nearness to God. The more we are in the light the more the light is in us and the more we are like Jesus. Isn’t that what we desire, mighty men of God? Don’t we really want to be like Jesus? He is life perfected having been delivered from the sins of all the world through God’s grace and love. We are being perfected as well as the light of God shines around us, in us and through us. The first step in that journey is the sacrificial offering Jesus made on the cross for us. Accepting His sacrifice for us proves God is waiting on no one to pursue Him. He is pursuing us.

So then, mighty men, we are to pursue others who are family, friends, even our antagonists with the light of God’s love as we have been pursued. That is the second step in our journey. With two steps we are engaged in the walk of faith. Let’s walk together and let the light of God so shine in the world.

“Let us be the best we have ever been as 2017 mighty men.”

PRAYER CONCERNS: (Needs of God’s mighty men that will be answered out of faith, hope and love)

* For protection of our law enforcement officials and wisdom imparted to those who are in law enforcement with mixed agendas
* For those who are seeking to put an end to human trafficking that their success would be overwhelming so that the healing may be equally so
* For Louisville, Kentuckiana, Goodwill, NECC and the people of Netherlands
* For the needs of my family near and far and our friends healing, reconciliation and wisdom- especially for Tom Jensen; for needs of my family mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually; wisdom to know the truth and relate it adequately; for guidance in a difficult financial situation

PRAYER CELEBRATIONS (where we see Him at work in the world):

* We have a loving God who speaks to us in all seasons of life reminding us we should do the same to Him
* God continues to provide prosperity at 5226 as I trust Him in so doing and give thanks praying for sufficient and proficient employees and the wisdom to meld a team spirit by staying humble before God and co-workers
* God is preparing me for our next ministry with current conditions to learn to walk more humbly and in peace; has given me some relief in my health
* God is good all the time and all the time God is good- even when we cannot see it!

ABIDING IN PRAYER: Father, may the light of Your love burn earnestly in us as we serve Your people in the name of Jesus by whom we pray, live and worship here on earth as it is in Heaven. AMEN.

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