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June 18, 2017

Let us be the BEST we have ever been as 2017 mighty men!


John 17. 20-23

“My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in Me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as You are in Me and I am in You. May they also be in US so that the world may believe that You have sent Me. I have given them the glory that You gave Me, that they may be one as WE are one— I in them and You in Me—so that they may be brought to complete unity!”


Happy Father’s Day!.

As mighty men of God, mighty people of God to be truthful, our true and most important identity ought to be oneness with God. It is difficult for most people to embrace a oneness with God for a number of reasons such as authority-figure, judge, law giver, etc. However, Jesus brings to our minds and lives the true means of being one with God. He does it by living out the father-son relationship. Many preachers talk about the difference between religion and relation; even I have done so. I do not believe we can have one without the other. But, we must keep in mind the proper priority of the two. In order to embrace a vital oneness with God, to worship Him in truth and in spirit, we must have a authentic relationship with God as our Heavenly Father. This is what Jesus did. It is what He lived for and died for. He was the incarnation of authentic relationship with God. He was the Son of God in Heaven and on earth. He did not dwell on being prince or king though He knew He was the King of Kings. He did not dwell on the Law and being a law-giver except to remind everyone that the greatest commandment was to love God and then to love one another. His obedience was not a demand but a command. It was a command of worth and will. The value of life has a good worth and is led by good will. And in His prayer to God, His Father, for the disciples was laden with the relationship hope that would be one of the foundation stones aligned with the Cornerstone of the Church and the religion is promoted. A religion of good worth, good will and right relationship.

And what can that mean for the mighty men of God? Is it not that as Christ has brought us into right relationship with God through the sacrifice, willing sacrifice, of His own life so that we can be known as sons of God, too, so must we then do the same for our “disciples.” And who are those disciples if not our family and friends? Establishing and building relationships that image the immutable God-Son on earth as it is Heaven is our great commission. Promoting unity of faith, hope and love, most of all love, is the boots on the ground tactic of defeating the enemy and making allies. Being a father to a son of ours, and daughter, is keeping alive the gospel of Jesus Christ who showed us how the love of the Father becomes a love for all those who are willing to become a part of the family of that Father. He is not distant. He is not aloof. He is not absent. He is not haughty. He is not rude. He is not self-serving. He is not impatient. He is not the enemy. Instead, He is with us. He is united with us in Spirit and in truth. He is an ever present help. He is humble. He is courteous and kind. He is all about serving the needs of others. He is our Father, Friend and Ally.

Sounds like some big shoes to fill and big steps to follow. But, in love Jesus will help us grow into them and learn to walk with them in bringing all the world into the right relationship of God and man. I like to think that each Father’s Day is a gift to dads that is a challenge to do better because we are better for God, for ourselves, for our spouses and children and for our friends and those who will become our friends.

“Let us be the best we have ever been as 2017 mighty men.”

PRAYER CONCERNS: (Needs of God’s mighty men that will be answered out of faith, hope and love)

* For those leading God’s people in worship this weekend as we celebrate Father’s Day- a special prayer to all fathers that they will make the tough love commitment to love their children better than they ever have
* For the Spirit of rest to swallow up unrest in our heart, mind, soul and spirit and throughout our circle of influence
* For those who are seeking to put an end to human trafficking that their success would be overwhelming so that the healing may be equally so
* For Louisville, Kentuckiana, Goodwill, NECC, our new small group and the people of Nauru
* For the needs of my family near and far and our friends healing, reconciliation and wisdom- especially for Tom Jensen; for needs of my family; wisdom to know the truth and relate it adequately; for guidance in a difficult financial situation

PRAYER CELEBRATIONS (where we see Him at work in the world):

* We have a loving God who speaks to us in all seasons of life reminding us we should do the same to Him
* God continues to provide prosperity at 5226 as I trust Him in so doing and give thanks praying for sufficient and proficient employees and the wisdom to meld a team spirit by staying humble before God and co-workers
* God is preparing me for our next ministry with current conditions to learn to walk more humbly and in peace
* God is good all the time and all the time God is good- even when we cannot see it!

ABIDING IN PRAYER: Father, we thank You for being our Father and being in a relationship of love with us in the name of Jesus by whom we pray, live and worship here on earth as it is in Heaven. AMEN.

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