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January 28, 2009

HIS Word for Today:                                                        (Psalm 25: 10)


“All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful for those who keep the

  demands of His covenant.”


Reflecting in HIS Word: 


With a true understanding of God’s “law and promises” come the realization

of how good truly is.  The conventional wisdom still points in the direction

that laws are unfair, people are unjust, and there are too many restrictions on

our freedom to be truly free.  I think these are the words more from a childlike

perspective toward authority and differ greatly from those who are having to

provide structure and guidance.  As parents we have often told our children,

“One day you will understand what we are saying.” We all wish that somehow

the lesson would be learned instantly. Yet, we are painfully aware that oft times

time is a more effective teacher.  It is a matter of our heart toward authority and

the where it places its priority.  If it is on self, rules are bad.  Those people love

to change the rules of the game and sometimes operate without rules in order to

be in charge.  If the focus is on trusting others who have proven their love and

care for you, then the rules become guideposts and hedges of protection.


It is the reality of His covenant that supports this perspective.  His covenant is

one of love and faithfulness.  It says, “If you will be My people, then I AM your

God.”  God is our eternal parent, our Heavenly Father.  His perspective on the

whole of our lives is far more clear than our cluttered vision here on earth.  Trust

in His Word even when it seems to offer only a short leash and you will find it is

a bounty of TLC (Tender Loving Christ).



Prayer Concerns (we bear one another up before God):


*    For those who are literally under the weather without power and resources,

          and for the families of those who have lost their lives due to the weather

*    For the leadership of the ACF Men’s Retreat in their preparations of body,

          mind and soul

*    For Pastor Bill’s mission to South Africa

*    For those who are in conflict:  Israel and Hamas in the Gaza (both of

          whom claim victory in a lose-lose situation may they focus on cease-

          fire and honoring the God of the land on which they dwell),  Pakistan

          and India, the equatorial countries of Africa; and those in this country as

          the transition of  leadership moves forward

*    For a neighbor who is struggling with a personal torment

*    For Al’s wife, Jan, who is anticipating heart surgery in January that if it is

            God’s desire to heal without surgery may His will be done with gladness

*   For an 11 year-old boy in Florida diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma
             and who has an eggplant sized tumor on his liver



Prayer Celebrations (we celebrate God’s working in our lives)


*  For more opportunities to share the hope and desire of God’s word

*  That my family is safely through this winter storm         



Abiding in HIS Presence through Prayer:


Lord, we pray now to be humble later as we share the goodness of

Your Word because we are Your mighty men.  Let love be our aim

and joy our result.



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